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Meluka Organic Native Wildflower Raw Honey


Weight: 300 g

Meluka Organic Native Wild Flower Raw Honey is produced from the native Melaleucas (Tea Tree), Leptospermum (Jelly Bush), Eucalyptus and native Australian Wild Flowers grown naturally, in a protected region of the uniquely pristine Bungawalbyn Valley Basin in Northern New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia.  This is a rich combination providing all the benefits that nature has to offer. Meluka Honey aims to bring you the finest raw honey products.

NOTE: Each batch colour may change as our honey is raw organic and not artificially blended to a specific colour. Our Raw honey is unfiltered and unheated.

Standard commercial honey is smooth and uniform in colour. Raw honey can be milky in colour and may have granules or crystallise that can be melted when the jar is heated in warm water, if desired. It can be assumed that any honey not labelled unpasteurized or raw has gone through the pasteurization process.  Raw honey has a tendency to crystallise in cooler temperatures more readily that standard commercial honey.

Shipping not available to Western Australia.

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300g / 10.6oz
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