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With fantastic honey, loyal customers and great wholesale prices, Jendale are renowned for providing the perfect wholesale honey product. With fast and reliable shipping, flexible delivery options and great prices, you can have Australia’s best raw honey product in your store fast. The reputation our product has earned over the years, means there are many loyal Jendale customers who’d love to see our products in your store. This is why we partner with shops all around Australia, offering great bulk honey prices, so more people can enjoy the taste of our Meluka honey.

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What makes our raw honey so sweet

Powerful Trees | Healthy Bees | Superior Honey, To us, caring for our bees and tea trees is priority number one. Producing delicious Meluka honey is a close second. Instead of harvesting our tea trees like other plantations causing them to bloom less often thus impacting the bee population, we leave the tea trees, some of which are more than 1,000 years old, to bloom in their natural state. This has led to a thriving bee population producing honey that is superior in both taste and quality.

All products are packaged at our own facility so consumers can feel confident that all Meluka Honey products  are as pure, organic, raw and active as nature intended.

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If you’re looking for raw, organic honey products to add to your store, then Meluka Honey is pleased to offer our superior range to you, available in bulk, at wholesale prices. We believe our raw, organic honey products are some of the best in Australia, making them the perfect addition to your store.

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