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Meluka Honey

Our protected native bush offers some of the cleanest and greenest foraging opportunities for bees. This incredible source is what directly affects the production of Meluka Honey.

Our Meluka Honey’s activity is assessed by the total activity of 8 or more compounds and potency level varies from product to product.

Many areas around the world where bees are foraging from have been harvested by humans, affected by non-organic products and essentially are not a clean place for bees to reproduce. Naturally, this affects the quality of the honey the bees go on to produce.

We are honoured to be the caretakers of this land, ensuring the longevity of the beautiful mother trees that call this place home. The growing bee populations that find themselves in paradise are happily working away to make our beautiful, high-quality honey.

Our incredible Meluka Honey products incorporate the optimal environment from which the bees are flourishing. Foraging from the ancient mother trees they are creating honey with identified compounds that have established antibacterial properties and benefits. From intrinsically healthy trees and native bush, the range of Meluka Honey made at Jendale is a true offering of active, organic, natural tea tree honey with life-changing benefits.