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Free Shipping for Orders Over $150

Meluka Health Honey Purity

Standing by our mission to produce naturally derived, organic and ecologically pure products, Meluka Honey confirms its commitment to making the highest quality honey available to Australian consumers:


Single Origin, Never Blended - All our honey is harvested from bees harvesting from one location, our old growth Tea Tree plantation, called Jendale. Jendale is located in the Bungawalbyn Valley Basin in New South Wales, a region is considered the birth place of the tea tree. Our 100% honey range is never blended or sourced from outside the Jendale Plantation.

Medicinally Active - Foraging from ancient mother tea trees, our bees create honey that shows strong immediate anti-oxidant and sustained anti-microbial activity which is coming directly from the natural bioactive properties of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).

Raw – Our honey is produced and sold as raw honey. It is unfiltered and unheated, ensuring the honey produced from our bees is authentic and natural.

100% Organic - All our honey is certified as 100% organic by Australian Certified Organic, Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce, and by USDA Organic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s organic certification system.

Ecologically Pure – Meluka Health’s honey products are produced from bees pollenating on old growth Melaleuca alternifolia tea trees. This protected native bush offers some of the cleanest and greenest foraging opportunities for our bees.

Hemp Seed honey and Hon-E-Vite Serum – Our hemp seed honey and Hon-E-Vite serum products are blended with hemp seed and our tea tree extract respectively and this is clearly identified on the label.