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Where does the ‘Meluka’ name come from?

Meluka is a derivative of the word Melaleuca which is the species of tea tree that our bees harvest from. Melaleuca Tea tree is most famous for the production of Tea Tree oil.

What is raw honey?

Our raw honey is unfiltered and unheated to ensure the honey produced from our bees is as authentic and natural as the Bee’s intend it to be.

What is active honey?

Active Meluka honey has anti-microbial properties that is essential for fighting bacteria.

Why does honey vary in colour?

Each batch colour may change as honey is raw, organic and not artificially blended to a specific colour. Bees harvest naturally across many different botanical species to suit its diet and this will result in a different colour presentation depending on the time of the year and climate.

How should I store my Honey?

Your Meluka honey is best stored in a cool spot under 35 degrees and above 20 degrees and out of direct sunlight.

Does honey have a use by date?

Please refer to the back of your product jar for the use by date.

Is your honey gluten free?

Yes, our raw, 100% organic Australian honey is naturally gluten free.

Why is the product range so unique?

Our honey is produced from our Jendale old growth Melaleuca plantation in the protected region of the Bungawalbyn Valley in Northern New South Wales on the east coast of Australia.

This area is the original birthplace of the unique Melaleuca Alternifolia that spread far and wide through the Jendale property, thriving in their natural state and supporting the health of bees and the incredible honey they produce.

Meluka honey is proud to produce 100% organic, raw and unfiltered honey for you to enjoy.

Why is Meluka honey sold at a higher price point than regular honey?

Our Meluka honey is raw, organic and produced from bees harvesting from a wetland where the Melaleuca's have been growing for over 30,000 years. This old growth plantation is not a regular farmed plantation, the Melaleuca's are in their natural state with Mother trees that are over 1000 years old. Due to this fact there is limited supply for honey produced from this ‘single origin’ property. We don't move our hives to other locations or blend the honey, which means our costs to produce our honey are much higher than regular commercial operations

What are the health benefits of Meluka honey?

Hemp seed honey

Our Meluka organic hemp seed honey blends hemp seed powder with our organic and pure Australian honey (Our bees harvest from native flowers and Tea Tree) for a unique and nutritious blend. Hemp seed is high in protein and rich in essential fatty acids, which means every jar of the Meluka hemp seed honey is a superfood infused with protein offering unique and healthy energy support.

Raw honey

Meluka organic Native Wild Flower raw honey is produced from the native Melaleucas (Tea Tree), Leptospermum (Jelly Bush), Eucalyptus and native Australian Wild Flowers grown naturally. This is a rich combination providing all the benefits that nature has to offer.

Tea Tree honey

Our Tea Tree raw honey is an active honey full of anti-oxidants and contains anti-microbial properties. 

Made from healthy bees harvesting from mature trees, our Tea Tree honey is 100% organic and contains a premium level of activity.

Hon-E-Vite Serum

Meluka’s 'Hon-E-Vite' Active Serum is derived from 100% Native Australian 'Wild Crafted' Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) leaf and 100% Pure Australian Native raw honey, 'Super Critically Infused' to maximise the potency of phenolic and monoterpene compounds. The combined activity in this product complies with 'Traditional uses’ and is full of active ingredients.  High in activity, this honey is a result of extensive research into the inherent benefits of the Tea Tree and all it has to offer, including antibacterial support.

How do I apply the Meluka Hon-E-Vite Serum?

Meluka Hon-E-Vite active serum remains active hours after application.

Apply to affected areas twice daily and cover with appropriate protection.

Can honey be given to infants under 12 months of age?

Meluka honey is not suitable for babies and infants below 12 months as babies’ digestive and immune systems are still developing.

Why can’t honey be brought into Western Australia?

All honey that is imported into Western Australia must be pasteurised or heated and be inspected by AQIS before entry. This process of pasteurisation or heat treatment destroys some of the beneficial medicinal properties of Meluka’s organic range of products.