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Meluka 'Hon-E-Vite' Active Serum


Weight: 7.9 oz

Organic (ACO, USDA) | Raw | Single Origin | Active | Pure

Ingredients:  100% Australian Jendale honey and Jendale tea tree leaf extract.

Meluka Hon-E-Vite Serum is made from 100% Australian Jendale honey and 'Super Critically Infused' with our natural Tea Tree leaf extract to maximise the potency of phenolic and monoterpene compounds resulting in a high concentration of anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties that remain active hours after application. The serum is highly effective in promoting healing and preventing bacteria in a variety of wounds.

Use: Meluka Hon-E-Vite active serum is for topical use only. Use to treat minor burns, wounds, scratches, grazes, bites, pimples and other skin lesions. Apply to affected areas twice daily and cover with appropriate protection.

Caution: Not to be taken orally. For topical use only.

    225g / 7.9oz
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